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Baci Racing is EJ, Luca, and Michael

Baci Racing Limited was co-founded in 1987 by driver EJ Lenzi and famed racing engineer Peter Jacobs. In 1987 and 1988, Baci Racing competed in the Bosch Valvoline Super-Vee Pro S.C.C.A. Championship. Super-Vee was the support for the then C.A.R.T. Indy Car Championship. In 1987, driver EJ Lenzi, sat on the pole at the Night Before the 500; with Peter’s help he became the first driver to lap the 5/8 mile in less than 20-seconds.

The team went on to win the race that evening. In 1988, Baci Racing finished second in the championship and driver, EJ Lenzi was awarded the series most-improved driver, with a record 12 podium finishes and winnings of $76,000. Prior to 1987, in the years 1985 and 1986, Lenzi competed in Nationals Formula Ford for Ed Sexton’s Prather Racing. With two visits to the S.C.C.A.’s national championship run-offs.

In 1989, driver EJ Lenzi drove for Dennis Eade’s CompRep Racing in the Pro S.C.C.A.’s HFC Formula Atlantic Championship. In 1990, Lenzi competed in three C.A.R.T. Indy Lites races for Peter Jacobs and Baci Racing. Currently, Lenzi is driver-coach and team principal for son, Luca Lenzi, and nephew, Michael Gagliardo, competing in the S.C.C.A.’s Spec Mazda Miata Class.